Chromelodeon is so awesome, and everyone should love them

I have been listening to a ton of Chromelodeon again lately, thanks to deciding to write an article about The Final Recordings for The Start Screen. Read it and comment it and all that nice stuff! It is my first article since the site has redesigned and it is all looking pretty dang spiffy I think.

I have also decided to try and become more active over in the start screen community. In that vein I have started posting a little in the forums, and apparently some folks are already really active in there. Some folks have hundreds of posts already, that’s nuts! Good to see some people are really enthusiastic about it though. I started a thread about video game music, so hopefully that will keep me active posting in there and discussing awesome VGM! There is one fellow in there who is a big fan of the minibosses and other VG Rock goodness, so that is really cool!

I also sent my iuwii article to Carmen who runs that site. I think the article will be up on Monday, once it is up I will blog about it on GM4A and hopefully send some traffic her way and hope her regular readers enjoy the article and the bands I discuss in it.

I think I have the next artist I want to cover for the start screen sorted out now too. I am listening to them right now in fact. I have two others in mind too, but man, those ones are going to be major projects because I want to get them just right. I need to think about what other albums I want to cover. I have a few in mind of course, but not sure which one I want to do next.

Also, DSi launch tomorrow! not to mention possible swag there! A meeting with some VG heads around here that I really hope will be productive as well! Think I will have them check out that barnstorm song from HCNC2 since I think one of them is old school atari status. Also, possibly a new TV!

I need to get to bed to be ready for all this though! good night.


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