should be sleeping, have work early

well earlier than usual at least. I am not used to waking up so early, normally I would be up until the sun comes up and still wake up with plenty of time before work. Sadly not this time though it seems.

Anyway, I have been looking at HDTVs lately, I am in the market for some sweet HD gaming, not to mention a TV i can connect my computer and netbook to for movies, gaming, and general internettery. Man, playing audiosurf on a nice 32 inch HD. *drool* Plus I can actually say hi to my friends in the present with their modern tv’s that have damn A/V inputs and don’t make horrendous white noise when they are on.

Also, DSi launch this weekend! YES YES YES! It looks like I might be going to the launch event too if a certain cool girl decides to go, since she said she would drag me along. Should be a fun time. A few other folks are going too, including one who is going to be working the event. Not bad at all! apparently the thing kicks off at around 5 from what I hear. that is a very long time. 5pm to midnight. yeesh. Hopefully it will be worth it though, I haven’t been to a gaming event like that in a good while so should be interesting!

There was also anannouncement for DSiware titles at launch. I am so down for WarioWare: Snapped! possibly that bean one, and Aquia if I can find some more info about it.

I will probably try and cover the event for The Start Screen too if no one else does. I think there are other folks from TSS who live in LA though, so I’ll have to check if one of them is covering it. I could cover it for GM4A too I guess but don’t really see the angle, unless something musically relevant happens. I guess we will see?

Anyway, about time I get to sleep I suppose. Should be a fun weekend! Which also reminds me, have a meeting with applemonkey and others for some sort of gathering of minds sort of thing. I am not sure exactly what about but I am intrigued and hope it is something more tangible than the usual “we have an idea for something that might happen in about a year, but we don’t feel like setting the wheels in motion at all yet” spiel that I seem to have to put up with. We shall see.


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