The World Really Wasn’t Meant

It wasn’t meant for no hilarity to ensue that is! Oh god that was a terrible sentence. Anyway, for real laughs check out this jazz, The World Wasn’t Meant. It’s a fledgling comic by some fellow shizzies and DoD duelers. It is really hilarious too.

I have also finished writing both a new article for The brand new Start Screen, as well as my guest article for I am pretty proud of both of them too. The one for the start screen is a new album spotlight, highlighting one of my favorite albums, not just of recent times, but possibly ever. I think I mentioned before that the iuwii article is three paragraphs about three different artists. I also decided to include youtubes for them to give folks a nice sample of each.

For the iuwii article I also had to write a sort of byline for myself, which is new to me. Want to check it out?

Anthony “genoboost” Ruybalid has been writing for the past three years at his site Game Music 4 All ( a news site and netlabel for video game inspired music and art. He also organizes VG inspired music compilations and concerts, as well as generally helping promoting the VG music scene. He also writes for The Start Screen ( and contributes to Nerdapalooza ( He is also an avid fan of Nintendo and of course owns a Wii and has already pre-ordered his DSi, even though he already has a DS and DS Lite.

I may take off the last Nintendo bit (which I am using as a bit of humor and since the site is based on Nintendo specifically) and use it for other sites or places where I need a bio. It looks pretty professional though right? look at those sites I write for and all that shit I do. I am practically a mother fucking renaissance man. I still don’t have a Larry Oji size byline though =P

Maybe I can start freelancing a little and have “freelance VG culture journalist” up there too. It would be fun to write for more sites, time (and my laziness) permitting. Would also help spread the word about VGIM and this site. GM4A has been doing really well lately, but I wonder where it’s coming from sometimes. It seems I am reaching more anonymous people now, than people in the community, but this line of thought is best saved for another day.

Oh yeah, there were some good April Fool’s jokes about, but nothing that was like, oh man I totally believe that! Just some clever writing and stuff. I especially loved the posts over at “jockdad.” Also there ended up being a bit of an impromptu Simpsons quotefest thread over at the shizz. Not to mention wacky dead thread revivals. the best one being from 2007 Ant Infestation in my Laptop. Hilarity abound in that thread, which predates my shizzening.


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