The Start Screen is out of beta. like super for reals, no foolin, even though it’s April fools.

Yes yes yes. The Start Screen is out of beta and damn it’s looking good! I even got my own sections for my articles I noticed while messing around with the article submission page. Anyway, yeah, it is pretty dang awesome. Check it out! I talked to Miz Calamity about the site issues I was having and everything seems sorted out now, so all is good with the world and I am super excited to be writing for the site like I was when I started. I also finished up a rough draft of my article for I am doing a short article highlighting three nintendo inspired bands. I ended up not going with some that I originally wanted to cover, but probably will somewhere at some point in the future.

I also have two cool folks down to write guest articles for my site. hopefully more folks will be interested, but I have to bug them first. Hoping to get a musician or two to contribute something as well.

Oh, I think the biggest thing is that GM4A had it’s BEST MONTH EVER!

The totals for March are as follows:
Page views: 17,033
Unique Visitors: 11,419
Returning Visitors: 1,666

The totals for January 2009 (the former best month ever):
Page views: 16,801
Unique Visitors: 10,279
Returning Visitors: 1,402

so on every level we did amazing in March! What’s more, the three best months for GM4A are all this year. so the site is doing tremendously well! I really can’t be more excited about it! Everything is looking up and there is only a ton more awesome things to come for the site! I am starting to work with other people to build up the sites reach and influence, I am creating a ton more original content for the site. I am getting more music out to people. It really is great to see my small idea growing into something really cool and important to the communities I am such a fan of.

I also need to go ahead and express a ton of thanks again to everyone who has been so nice and supportive and awesome to me and my website ever since it’s inception. I know almost none of you are reading this blog, but I just want to put that out there!

So finally, I probably won’t post on GM4A today for two reasons. One is to let folks read the new hey listen news some more. Two is that it’s mother fucking April Fool’s Day! Can’t trust shit you read on the internet today!


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