I have been informed

Yes, informed by my pal Marcos that TGS will not be up until a few weeks into April, not April 1st like I assumed. Is that the joke? haha, it’s not up yet, sucka!

I am still waiting to get my damn DSi. I preordered it a while back and man oh man I want it already. I have been DSless for a while and I have been really hankering for some Advance Wars lately. Not to mention the announcement for Professor Layton 2 makes me want to buckle down and finish off the first one. I got stuck on one of those bullshit three glasses of water puzzles and wanted to throw the damn game out a window.

I really need to finish a lot of games I only half started, hopefully I will get that chance once I have the DSi, There aren’t many new games coming out that I am terribly interested in. So I can probably get back to finishing Rune Factory, Sonic Rush Adventure, Professor Layton, and a ton more.

I also started playing Super Paper Mario again. I finished the 100 battle sidequest thing and it was fun. I need to finish the second pit of 100 trials though. I made it to the end once and lost, so need to do it again but just not feeling up to it yet.

Man, I can go on and on and on about games I haven’t finished though. I will leave it at this. Good night!

Oh but wait, in site related news I am on the hunt for anyone who is interested in doing guest articles for GM4A. if you or anyone you know is interested. Let me know!


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