Almost the end of the month

and you know what that means! What? No. Really? Not even close man! No, you don’t even get another chance, who knows what dumb shit you’ll say next. End of the month means brand new Hey! Listen! mixtape. That’s right! It releases on March 31st.

Also made more headway with the HCNC2 album. Hoping on getting those damn final tracks STILL though, but shouldn’t be a problem at this point. Discussed mastering and artwork with the respective parties and seems we all know what is going down now. I plan on getting things uploaded over the week as well as bugging folks for lyrics and liner notes.

I also am starting to bug people to write some guest articles for GM4A, looking for folks to add a few different perspectives about VG art, music, and culture. Should be really fun if I get enough interested parties (I have two so far out of the two I have asked)! In the same vein I am going to be doing a guest article for a cool Nintendo website I will probably be writing about 3 different VG inspired bands. Right now I am thinking of going with The OneUps, Animal Style, and Temp Sound Solutions. I think they are a nice Nintendo influenced group of acts. I will definitely be mentioning the article once it goes live!

Also The Gamer Studio and The Start Screen both relaunch on April 1st. No joke. I am interested in seeing both of course, as it will help clinch where I end up going in the future. Most of my cards are with TGS right now though, for the unaware.

Now it is late and I need some rest.


One response to “Almost the end of the month”

  1. Marcos G says :

    Psst, TGS launch date got pushed a week or two. you’ll know the exact date the second you see a new date on the calender. πŸ™‚

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