Have to post something

I was going to go to sleep right now but realized I have to write something on this here blog to try and do my best to fail at posting daily.

Nothing happened today though. Just work, then stickaming all night. I need to sort out the last tracks for Hey! Listen! volume 3. luckily Leo is down to do artwork. good thing too, the original artist I had lined up dropped out so had to find someone else on very short notice.

I also talked with Spork about some production deals so I felt a little professional today, and glad to be making some headway there. It is always a little unnerving when I have to discuss money and business and grown up things like that though, but it must be done. I also think that I am going to have to deal with that a lot more often as things go forward for the site.

Oh also, I want someone to design this image but, like, a new one in a similar style made specifically for GM4A somehow (also one that is not, you know, totally copyrighted). Like maybe they can have GM4A shirts, or just an original design that says “game music 4 all” below them or something. Anyway, here is the picture, I am sure everyone has seen it a million times by now.

I am not sure why or even exactly when I started using that picture. It is from the game Kira Kira Music Hour which is a fun (and very very girly) rhythm game that came out in Japan (and eventually the UK) for the DS. It is a very fun game, and I tend to like colorful games, even if they are totally girly (Kirby and Puyo Pop come to mind). Anyway, I must have been heavy unto the game when I started using this avatar. Then as I joined more sites and forums I was too lazy to find a new avatar so I just kept using this same one. It has now grown on me significantly as part of my online persona, so now here we are.

Well there is your history lesson for the day!


One response to “Have to post something”

  1. Marcos G says :

    Change the colors of their hair and shirt and give on of the girls a mohawk. Put the image on a shirt and call it the Fargate. Totally copyright avoidable. šŸ˜‰

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