It is late

So this is the time when I have nothing better to do and then I settle down and write this here blog that no one reads. I think I get a curiosity click or two from twitter though, since the feed gets posted on there. I never REALLY expected anyone to read this jazz, but it is nice that a few people do. I have a habit of not writing as often if no one reads it. I am like some weird writing exhibitionist. Anyway I better start writing about some actual thing now.

I have recently become a fan of the blog Super Nintendoll Entertainment System. Not many blog posts there but what is there is a nice half stream of conscious type of blog. That isn’t to say it is not well written or well thought out though. Pretty good stuff, hope that blog floats along well and doesn’t dry up anytime soon. Did that analogy make sense? what dry’s up if it doesn’t float? Bah, fuck it. It makes enough sense. I wish I could meet more well written bloggers like that here and there. There are too many VG “writers” who don’t know the first thing about writing. Which is why so many video game sites are so boring and bland and completely uninteresting. Not to mention that most sites are just regurgitated press releases. I have gone on this rant before though so I won’t get into it again. I will just say, check out the blog, it ain’t not bad.

Also, I should probably work on some more Nerdapalooza Comics. Did I mention a new one went up about a week ago? Check it out! I am pretty proud of this one. I think the punchline is hilarious, but I make these comics for me to laugh so who knows if anyone else thinks it is funny. I don’t care though, it’s fun, and I get a few friends to laugh, which is good times.

Anything else going on? No not really. Thinking about getting a guest blogger or two to contribute an article once a month kind of deal maybe. I think the Zen Albatross article was cool, so maybe grabbing a different person or two a month to do a cool article would be a nice change of pace, plus wouldn’t really require much work from me. It is an idea I have to think about some more. I know a few people who would make great guests. I would also like to find some musicians to go nuts talking about how they make their music and stuff. Or perhaps a few female writers and musicians who might want to contribute something. I am liking this idea even more as I write these ideas out. Awesome!

Should also mention that my article about Elfonso for The Start Screen STILL IS NOT UP. it has been almost two entire days! …hold on… Yep. still not up. Kind of ridiculous, especially considering that other articles have gone up since I submitted mine. =/

That brings me to another thing. People have been spazzing out about the Where The Wild Things Are trailer that just came out, man WHO CARES. I have been getting more and more annoyed by everyone getting worked up about things from their childhood being remade. Who am I to talk though? (Come on Castlevania movie, please oh please don’t be shit. Bah, who am I kidding though, I know it’s going to suck.) It’s just, I guess I am totally jaded though, plus the trailer wasn’t really that amazing, but what should I expect? Wasn’t the book like 30 pages?

Oh yeah, also new Zelda coming out for DS! That is awesome, something to actually look forward to with the new DSi I get in April. I am really hoping that some innovative games (either from Nintendo, or from the homebrew community) take the new devices and make some bad ass games out of them. I also think that since the third iteration of the DS is finally out, I want to say COME ONE NINTENDO! New versions of F-Zero, Metroid, and Super Mario for the DS! DO IT! I have been hoping that The New Super Mario Bros would be the beginning of seeing sequels to Mario 2, 3, and World. I mean we got Yoshi’s Island DS too, Imagine if they could do some bad ass updates to those games, they would sell insanely well and be amazing.

That is all from me today. I have been writing some lengthy blogs lately. I don’t mind but I am sure anyone reading my blogs these days is getting worn out. Too bad for you chump.


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