There is a war between HD and Non HD gamers?

Seriously? Like, it’s not just people who have HD, and people who are going to get HD eventually (I fall in the latter camp)? Are there really people throwing their anchor into the water and saying “Nope, Standard Definition. You’ll see.”

Besides questioning these arbitrary tech wars people are coming up with these days. I also want to mention I tried the Gatorade powder shit again, to my detriment. What a fool I was to think she (by which I mean powder gatorade) would change! Also I wish it was made by Powerade, just so I can call it Powderade, but oh well, that is just going on my list of things to complain about when I am 80.

Also, SWEET PLUG FOR THE GAMER STUDIO. That one is for Marcos, who is one of their new editors once the site relaunches at the beginning of next month. Speaking of websites, I have submitted a new semi article to the start screen (which is still not up by the writing of this post), it is merely a post about a youtube vid by elfonso. Not to say that the video or Elfonso isn’t completely awesome, but the article is only two paragraphs that I whipped up on the spot. Not really putting much effort into articles over there right now since I am not sure where I am going with that site in the near future. Check the last blog for details about that.

I also want to mention the charity album by Josh Whelchel. It is for cancer research and damn if that is not a fine cause to get behind. I also had a ton of trouble typing Josh Whelchel’s last name, which really doesn’t roll with the keyboard at all, so I butchered his name several times in the rough draft for my post about him. Not that I am making fun of his name though, I mean look at the mess I am dealing with. RUYBALID, fuck. a “Y” then a “B”? you got to traverse nearly the whole damn alphabet for that shit. Anyway, back on topic, hopefully I will be tossing a $25 donation for the cause with my next paycheck. I, like I am sure many others, have lost a family member to cancer, so a measly 25 bucks to help someone escape the same fate is no problem by me. Plus, cancer research! That is science, and I love science, so two birds with one stone. supporting science and slapping cancer in the damn face. It is all success over here.

And finally, I got a bit of work done today, mailed out four packages of compact discs today, so those will be arriving in some happy mailboxes soon. Got another track for the HCNC2 compilation and it is another damn good one. I didn’t do much writing today (actually damn near none save for this blog here) and had the day off from work so it was a pretty nice relaxing day.

Got some Animal Crossing in, and a little Bit.Trip Beat. Fuck me BTB is hard as crap though, I still keep losing on the second level, eventually I will get that shit sorted out though, and then I will format the memory and kick the Wii out a window.


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