Updates and thoughts

So they have this powder kool aid style gatorade (or is it powerade?) stuff now. Don’t be fooled, it is terrible. or at least, the ability to mix it in such a manner that it is not terrible is so definite as to never hit the mark consecutively. Besides that I am well! sort of!

A few things. I am getting sick of twitter, like man oh man, there are a ton of people I am following who I don’t care about, and even the people I am actually friends with have nothing too amazing to say. I would say there are probably only a handful of people who I like following. I twitter a bunch of uselessness too, so I am no saint in this respect either, but I have decided to try and reign it in. Just super annoying when someone twitters that “it is very cold out” when it is winter… in Canada. Then proceed to have a conversation with some other twitterer about how cold it is… in Canada.

So yeah, basically I won’t be twittering as often for a while. I will probably be unfollowing a ton of people too, I have already started doing that in fact. I want my followers to be higher than my following. that is what makes you cool on twitter by the way. when more people care about what you say than you care about what they say.

Another thing I have been giving a lot of thought recently too (and is probably 100 times more important than how often I twitter) is that I may be looking to leave the start screen. It is not definite yet. I will be waiting to see what changes there after they come out of beta (although I thought they were out of beta when the logo stopped saying beta, but whatever). There are a few reasons I want to leave, some my fault, and some theirs.

I think a big reason I want to leave is I just don’t care about the site. It is not really doing anything to stand out (which is my complaint about most gaming sites). It seems more like a blog for random stream of thought type writing than anything truly note worthy. There are exceptions of course, but it seems like most of the writers don’t care to write that much. Like they don’t have much of a passion for writing at all. Seems like a stepping stone for a lot of them to get into “the industry.” Maybe I am wrong or I am reading the wrong articles though. I don’t mean to come off as a dick though, but to be a truly good writer you have to think everyone else writes terribly (kidding there of course).

Anyway, another thing is the blogging software is pretty infuriating and glitchy. It breaks links, and doesn’t let me HTML it up very easy at all. Plus I can’t even save drafts, I have to write the whole thing on openoffice or more commonly in Blogger here, then when i am all done I have to move it over there for the finishing touches. Kind of a hassle, not huge, but enough to keep me from wanting to write sometimes.

I think a reason that is my fault is that I am just not a team player, I don’t care about anyone over there, and none of them care about me. I don’t plan on being friends with these people, and for the most part none of them have interacted with me at all. Also they seem to have already formed their own VG writer clique which I am not a part of, and never want to be honestly. It is their world and I don’t understand it because of how I view games and gaming these days. I care more about the old school gaming culture and art and stuff more than when what game comes out and whatever other late breaking news about whatever.

On a tangent here now from the last point about VG art and community. The other new website White Rabbit Gaming (which looks like a black version to the white Start Screen site, they are using the same software I assume) did a blog about bead sprites. Now when you think of bead sprites, who do you think of? But he is no where on that list, nor is 8 Bit Artist for that matter. I am assuming either the person blogging is, or is friends with the people who make these bead sprites. Most of them seem pretty amateurish compared to some of the crazy stuff Doctor Octoroc comes up with. Anyway, just a rant there that people leave out some amazing artwork that isn’t even hard to find! Lazy ass writers.

Anyway back on topic. I just don’t think the Start Screen is the place for me. I would like to help write on a site in the same way I write for Start Screen, basically writing introductory articles for the uninitiated. But I feel like folks turn a blind eye to my articles since it is not something they already know. What I want I suppose is readers that are very open to new things, and, like me, dying to learn new things about video games, and video game culture. In this regard Marcos from VGTOreviews has me intrigued with the site he is working on now…

Enough beating around the bush though, let me state just what first pissed me off about the start screen and consider leaving. A certain Thomas Cox, who I have been vocal about in the past. The guy writes two types of articles. One is his series of new music to listen to, which is basically a hipster guy telling you about hipster music about why bands are so deep or whatever I don’t know really. I rarely muster the energy to care about popular music these days, which is probably to my own detriment but whatever. The second type of article he tends to write is crazy poorly thought out rants where he picks on folks who leave comments and makes basically no sense at all ever. I can read his article several times over and still not know what his point or opinion is about anything really. It’s like he writes to stroke his own ego. I imagine that he thinks if people agree then it shows how smart he is, and if they disagree it shows how smart he is.

What really bugs me about his articles though is that he tends to update them by hassling the readers who take time to comment on the posts. I mean, seriously? You are picking fights with your own readers? And it’s not like in the science and skepticism blogs I read where a reader posts a comment with a good opinion or argument and the writers take it and discuss it rationally and think about the merit of what the person wrote. Haha not even close! Thomas Cox likes to pick out the weakest formed arguments and comments and hassle these people for not being nearly as smart as him. This is seriously not the kind of person I want to work with, or under, or alongside in any way.

That is it. That shit got lengthy fast.


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