Well not really. It is just called Here Comes a New Challenger II Turbo and it is awesome and it was just announced! Trailer again below as well!

So that is happening right now, and has been taking up most of my time. Also I have been stickaming, which is one hell of a productivity killer. I am going to Frank and Sons tomorrow though and I am all set to fuck shit up with a big ass stack of samplers to hand out.

There is about 100 of them! not bad right!? I hope it is enough. I imagine it is though. Now the only thing is to get better at getting in people’s faces about VGIM. Anyway, peep the track list!

1. woodman + bubbleman by seal of quality
2. Mega Man Master Spark Mandrill by Tanuki Suit Riot
3. Still Alive by XMark
4. Chrono Tripper by Spamtron
5. Less Than Three by Shael Riley
6. Achievement Unlocked by Attack Slug
7. The Annihilation of Monsteropolis by The Megas
8. Empty Heart Containers by nameless
9. Legendary Hero/Staff Credits by Select Start
10. Boss Battle: Jewel Man by Mutherpluckin’ B and Random
11. Ducktales (the moon) by Year 200X
12. Please Insert Coins by Atarimatt and Legendary Wizard
13. Sungem by Epic-1
14. Mega Man Is My Hero by arcadecoma.
15. Galeno by Chiptots
16. Vacation in Miranda’s Beach? (Ending Theme) by 8 Bit Instrumental

Not bad right? I tried to get a good number of local folks and then a good semblance of everything else out there. I am not sure if I got enough straight chiptunes though, and feel like there is too much stuff with vocals on the mix, but I think it is a good mix that has a lot of variety and not too many tracks to overwhelm people. The main goal is to be able to have such a variety that folks will find a song they love no matter what music they normally enjoy. I also think I went a bit Mega Man heavy but oh well!

Oh yeah, also have another awesome interview coming up on Monday! Keep an eye out for that!

Shit, I also forgot to mention again that Bit.Trip Beat is out and it fucking rocks! download it for the Wii ASAP people! I haven’t even beat the second level yet though =/

Oh fuck, again I forget something. Major ultra super thanks to Jeriaska for posting the news on Nobuooo.com (link here) and to Z. from Hipster, Please for posting a big fancy blog about it!



  1. Marcos G says :

    Bands/artists/groups on the sampler were a good choice. I’m sure sure you’ll be able to pass them all out with Agro. 😉

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