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for some reason my older articles are not showing up on the start screen. Usually to see the stats for how my articles are doing i head to the blue Options link near the top of the main site page. Oddly though I go there today and the only article that is currently up is my latest one for the Duane and BrandO music video. I don’t think anyone elses blogs are down so it seems really odd that mine are. I am wondering if it is some sort of site glitch. I just noticed today though, If it is still down tomorrow I will have to email the folks to ask about it. The pages are not completely down though, since if you click on the links (links to start screen articles are on the left side of this blog) to the specific articles they will still show up.

Anyway, I just submitted another article to Start Screen, this time about Grammar Club’s album Bremelanotide, which is by far one of the best albums I have ever heard. I felt pretty rushed while writing this one though and I think it shows, especially in the paragraphs describing the songs. I always have trouble with describing music, since I don’t know crap about technical music terms and such. We will see how it goes. I think I am still most proud of The Oneups article. I really do wish I could have done better with this one as it really deserves better though. Well maybe I will give it a once over in the future and post it somewhere else. I have big plans for the artist in the next “Hey! Listen!” article. It just might end up being so long that it has to come in two parts. We will see how that goes.

New nerdapalooza comic up by the way. Just click here.

I also have some really cool interviews coming up! Can’t wait to sort those out. I am actually about to write up some questions for those right after I stop procrastinating.

I have really gotten into the podcast Quackcast by Mark Crislip too. He is a dick and it is so awesome. His podcast is about ridiculing quacks and their claims. You know, things like homeopathy, therapeutic touch, healing crystals and other utter crap. It also turns out he will be at TAM7 (The Amazing Meeting 7) which is even more exciting! I really want to go to TAM7 so badly! Maybe I can go with Able X, he seems to be the only other person I know that is really down with SGU (Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe for the unaware) and skepticism. I think he lives in Vegas too, convenience!

EDIT: while looking for the website for TAM7 it turns out it is the same weekend as Nerdapalooza. So looks like I can’t go this year even if I wanted to because Nerdapalooza clearly wins out 100%. SON OF A FUCK!

Anyway, I turn my attention back to those interview questions. Oh yeah, also some info.

Tweetup/Retro gaming night fun for genoboost’s birthday at DIZeLAN Frag Center this Friday 03/13
DIZeLAN myspace
Address: 857 S. Lark Ellen Ave, Azusa, CA 91702

If you are near the area or know anyone that is be sure to head down!


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