Album Spotlight: Bremelanotide by The Grammar Club


There are some artists that are absolutely amazing on their own, but sometimes, when they come together they can end up equalling something bigger than what they can do individually. This is as true in Nerdcore as in any other genre of music. Several very talented solo artists came together to create one of the best and most accesible albums in nerdcore hip hop. That album is Bremelanotide and that group of artists is known as The Grammar Club.

Bremelanotide (look it up on wikipedia if you are wondering what it means) is the debut album by already established nerdcore musicians DJ Snyder, Beefy, Shael Riley, Glenn Case (who has since left the group), and the mysterious Adam!. They collectively titled themselves The Grammar Club ( and the album was released in late 2007 and quickly became a sensation in the nerdcore community and even in larger underground communities all over the internet.


The album is a short seven songs in length, but every song is amazing and stands out in it’s own way. The first track you hear is Balloon Flight and really sets the mood for an album that was released at the beginning of winter. Balloon Fight kicks off with a lo fi clip of Shael Riley singing, then brings things up to speed when Shael starts singing the chorus and Beefy carrying the verses. This song sets a great upbeat pace to the album. This is followed by the moodier track Bank Holiday, which is all about those times when you just need a break from life, and also a little about Professional wrestling. Well it just has to be heard. Once again Shael handles the chorus as well as the first verse, with Beefy handling the second verse and Glenn Case closing things out on the third. This leads to a duo of songs about girl trouble, with the third track aptly named Girl Trouble. The fourth track is called Heart Tits and is a more lighthearted take on the subject.

My Gay Shirt kicks off the latter half of the album, with another upbeat tune about the pros and cons of having a particularly “gay” shirt. Beefy takes up duty on the verses while Shael ably sings the chorus “cause everyone loves me in my gayest shirt.”We come off that song to a slower song about a more depressing topic, having to go through college. Post-Collegiate Shuffle is the anthem to those moments when you just don’t see the point in college. Alternate Ending, the final track on the album is also a serious sounding song (and also my favorite track on the album), even with shael riley providing his unique brand of odd lyrics in his verse, the words really fit and the skill he has in his voice carries a lot of weight to the words as well. Beefy also adds a lot to the song with his verse. The ending is sung beautifully by Shael Riley and is a perfect close to a phenomenal album. 

So with that the album is over. Bremelanotide is inescapably catchy and wonderfully done in every respect. It also covers a wide range of style and skill by several amazing artists.  The lyrics are intricate and entertaining, the music is downright catchy and the production value is through the roof. I highly recommend this album to anyone who has yet to hear any nerdcore hip hop yet, as this is definitely a great place to start. And as with all the other wonderful music I have had the opportunity to show you, this album is 100% free to download at under the “media” section of the website. 

As always, definitely let me know what you think of the album in the comments!

 –Anthony “genoboost” Ruybalid runs the game music website and is way too obsessed with any music inspired by video games. It is his thing.


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2 responses to “Album Spotlight: Bremelanotide by The Grammar Club”

  1. Riot says :

    This is, hands down, my favorite nerdcore-associated album ever (it might even be my favorite alubm…ever.)
    Each song is so precious. I agree with you about the moods of each one.
    Shael Riley’s melodies are so catchy and sing-along-able, and his singing voice is smooth. Beefy’s raps are also wonderfully melodic too, which is refreshing in nerdcore.
    My friends love when I play The Grammar Club, even though they don’t know what nerdcore is.
    They are. so. amazing.

  2. Elin says :

    Lol, found this post while looking for a product called bremelanotide that’s used for for male and female sexual dysfunction, actually looking for a similar product called dw-626. What a name for an album 😉

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