nerdapalooza is excitementpalooza

So I am feeling slightly reinvigorated once again by the news of official dates for nerdapalooza 2009. (peep the news at

This news has me posting another new nerdapalooza comic as well as twittering, myspace bulletining and *ahem* blogging about it all over! So just generally trying to help out as best I can while I get excited about hanging out with all my amazing friends once again! Not everything is about Nerdapalooza though!

I have written up a few more posts for my site which has gotten me about a week ahead in articles again. I still have some more to write out though. Namely one about the new Summoning of Spirits album that dropped from OCReMix today (which I am listening to right now by the way). Also we have a cool guest album review by Zen Albatross, which is the week ending news for this week. I have had the chance to do some great interviews so far this year (with Alex Neuse of Gaijin Games and the band Elfonso respectively) and I have some more really awesome ones coming up soon. I just nailed down two more interviews tonight and can’t wait to be working those out soon!

The most exciting site related thing though is, if you check out the left side bar down a little ways you will notice the brand new Events Calendar! The Events Calendar is open to any band or fan to add any VGM or VG Inspired art and music news to, and then everyone else can check out what shows are coming up soon. I plan on promoting the heck out of it soon so that it will become active and well used in due time. I already added the dates for Nerdapalooza and 64 Bit Genocide to the calendar to test it out, and hopefully things will get rolling soon enough. The google calendar program is pretty intuitive but sometimes not. I hope people will test it out a bit though and start adding show dates soon. Can’t wait until I start seeing it fill up with all sorts of fun things here and there!

In news unrelated to the site, My birthday is coming up! This means several cool things! One, I get this awesome painting from 8 Bit Artist thanks to my great friend Jose! I am going to go eat some delicious sushi with my best friend tomorrow. I haven’t had sushi in a long time so I can’t wait! Oh, also today I purchased the game Ultimate Shooting Collection for the Wii, which is such a generic title for such an awesome game collection. The game includes Radio Allergy (which I have been dying to play since it was announced and canceled for the Gamecube) as well as Chaos Field (which I already own for the GCN), and Karous (never played it before, and don’t know much about it). What was also really cool is that I was expecting to pay $30 for it, but lucky for me I ended up not caring to pick it up for a bit because there was a nice 10 dollar price drop for it and picked it up new for a cool $20.

Along with this I dropped a preorder for the DSi because Nintendo forever has me by the balls. I am mostly in it for the bigger screens and music functionality (not to mention the very enticing idea of what folks will be able to homebrew into the system once the figure out how to run code through the SD card slot and figure out how to get the cameras and recording functions usable in homebrew applications).

Oh yeah, and in case you were wondering, I got the blue one.


One response to “nerdapalooza is excitementpalooza”

  1. Marcos G says :

    Homebrew for the win, good buddy. 😉

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