Staff meeting!

“Okay, I have decided to have a staff meeting for GM4A. Who’s here?”

“Sir, Joe couldn’t make it, he is too busy being awesome in Japan.”

“Damn, well who could make it?”

“Err.. No one else works on the website sir, not even me, I am just a character you made up.”

“Well Fuck.”

So yeah, not much today. I will direct you to check out the interview I did with Elfonso. I have a large place in my heart for this band, who have been amazingly unconfined to any genre, and make some of the oddest yet most catchy songs I have ever had a chance to hear. Anyway, enough praise, just check out the interview. It was pretty dang informative for me!

Also, I had an odd dream a few days ago, which I guess I can relay here. Basically me and one of my friends ended up at this Rec Center, and they had some game consoles there. and some kid was playing Street Fighter the New Challengers, but the screen kept messing up and turning into Starfox for some reason. So I went over to see how that was possible and it was because they were running one of those bootleg “six games in one” carts. I decided to take the game out and see if I could fix it, when I realized they were playing on some weird shaped Super FamiCom that I had never seen or heard about before, so obviously I am nerding out on that. Then I look at the SNES on the other TV and it is a different shaped Super FamiCom again! and I check out the AC adaptor on this one and it is also different, more like an N64’s. and then I think to myself, this isn’t right, these systems don’t look like this, I must be dreaming. So then I woke up.

That is right folks, I am such a nerd that inaccuracies in gaming history are like a nightmare and cause me to lose a grip on my dream state.

Oh also, new article on The Start Screen, did I mention that already? well check it out again if you like! It’s about Attack Slug. Speaking of The Start Screen, that one editor I had beef with wrote some jazz on the start screen myspace page to the effect that “we are sick of how other VG sites are doing it, so we are going to do things differently!”


Man, what? That’s fine but what is going to be done differently? Also haven’t sites already “done things differently” than other gaming sites? I mean, there are a damn fuck of a lot of VG sites, blogs, podcasts, webshows, etc. out there. Which ones are you against and which ones are you for? Well that is not really important. What is bugging me is that it seems this guy is going with the “controversial sticking it to the man” angle of making a name for himself and the Start Screen (or just himself, which I am starting to think). I have been writing for GM4A for several years now with the idea that a good niche and enthusiastic and sometimes well written articles would get a strong, loyal, and happy fanbase. I like to think that is correct, because even though we don’t get a ton of hits, we get a lot for a site like this. The people I talk to really enjoy our site and that makes me happy. I am hoping that is true with the Start Screen but this Black_Emperor fellow is making me unsure of what exactly that ship is sailing toward. I do like writing for the start screen though, the other writers are cool and grab some interesting angles, and my articles have been getting a good amount of hits there. Not sure if, how, and when that will turn into people checking out my own website, but I hope it does eventually.

Also I have to remember what is most important about writing for that site, it is not my bellyaching and disagreements with management (which I think I will stretch out into a future post, as to why I just don’t like to work with other people).

What is MOST IMPORTANT is that I tell new people about Video Game Inspired Music! The people reading that site are gamers and general nerds, yet they have never listened to this music, and that is honestly a travesty, as the music is made by and for people just like them. If I garner only a handful more people to love the music on anywhere near the same level that I do I will be very happy. That is one more person buying the new Temp Sound Solutions CD. One more head in the crowd at Nerdapalooza, and one more person leaving a comment on GM4A simply stating “this band rocks, never heard of them until now.” And thinking about that honestly warms my heart and makes my commitment to writing about VGIM that much stronger. =]

Wow, this blog went ALL OVER THE MAP. Looks like I need some sleep.


2 responses to “Staff meeting!”

  1. Jephso says :

    I wanted to attend the meeting Anthony but the GM4A finances section wouldn’t approve my application for travel expenses.Funny dream!

  2. Marcos G says :

    I think you hit every country on the map regarding topics. I’ll read you article relatively soon after checking over other things. Keep up the good work. 🙂

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