Album Spotlight: Achievement Unlocked by Attack Slug


So you are a gamer on the internet eh? So you spend some time hanging out in forums, reading news from all the great gaming sites (cough Start Screen cough), and have to deal with the occasional “noob” from time to time. Well there is one rapper who does the very same, I would like to introduce you to the album Achievement Unlocked by Attack Slug.

Achievement Unlocked by Attack Slug ( resides in the Nerdcore Hip Hop genre of music. Nerdcore Hip Hop is a phrase coined a few years back by one MC Frontalot. Since then a whole culture of rap has emerged under what was created as merely a joke genre. As you may have guessed, nerdcore is all about nerd culture, including video games, which is where Attack Slug falls into place. Achievement Unlocked spans a good chunk of gaming culture from trolling forums, to fanboys, and, of course, unlocking achievements.

The album kicks off with Attack Slugs bid for presidency, along with fellow rapper KABUTO. From there he touches on the topics of forum etiquette, his amazing skill at video games, and why living in the year 200X isn’t all that great. The rhymes on this album are clever with lots of in jokes and references for gamers (even Attack Slug’s name is a video game reference). Rounding out the ten track album are flows about fanboys, Xbox achievements, and being just plain lazy. With so many aspects of gaming and the gaming culture covered by this album there is definitely a song for everyone to find speaks to them. There is also his more old school gaming album Endsville is Burning, but I will have to save that one for another article.

Well if you are down with any or all of the above mentioned topics, be sure to see if you are down with the nerdcore hip hop by downloading the album free from the album page at and let me know how you dig the album in the comments!


–Anthony “genoboost” Ruybalid runs the game music website and is way too obsessed with any music inspired by video games. It is his thing.


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