New article on The Start Screen

It is about The OneUps, one of the best groups ever! Check it out through this link here and if possible leave some comments on the article too so folks know how awesome I am by proxy (I think you have to sign up for the site to leave comments though). Anyway, I am pretty proud of this article, and glad that Mustin himself was kind enough to answer some questions I had about the group to help out with the article.

I also posted about the really amazing AML album by antisoc on GM4A and it is definitely awesome and everyone should hear it.

Oh yeah, that well thought out rant I posted yesterday really burnt me out, don’t expect me to do the other parts any time soon. Besides, after having to read that dudes article a few times I am still not totally sure of what point he is trying to make. Oh well, it was fun writing that last blog though, since it let me dissect an argument and stretch my writing chops by doing some writing I don’t normally partake in. From what i understand though it is super long and no one even read it. OH WELL!

Anyway, that is it for now, I have to work on actual writing right now! And also hassle more folks to read my Start Screen article!


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