valentines day

and as such a new mixtape is out. hope folks like it as it will only be up for a little while. check it out here.

Nothing much happened today. Submitted an article to the start screen so that should be up soon. EDIT: HERE IT IS! It is about Jay Tholen’s album epidemic! Leave some comments on the article please! Been getting back into which is both good and bad. Good because plenty of awesome music, bad because, so much music. I am not one who is easily capable of restraint though, especially with my new hard drive. Also been listening to lots of Wired’s Alt Text podcast which is insanely hilarious. I am not sure why but out of nowhere the podcast feed updated with like 80 back episodes i had no idea existed. But that is good news for me!

Anyway, nothing else is happening. Pretty lazy weekend really, but it’s nice to relax, since I have both real work, and website work tomorrow.


2 responses to “valentines day”

  1. Marcos G says :

    Well, I never knew that site existed. I learn something new every day. I’m also going to give that mixtape a listen today.

  2. Jay says :

    Hey, this is Jay, thanks for the plug. You’re probably the reason behind like half of my fanbase, haha.

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