Album Spotlight: Epidemic by Jay Tholen


So what with all the talk of the Resident Evil 5 demo and all my buddies still obsessed with Left 4 Dead I thought the topic of zombies is definitely on people’s tongues. With that in mind I have decided my first VG inspired album spotlight would kick off with an album all about those undead folks we love to shoot. I introduce you to Epidemic by Jay Tholen.

Jay Tholen is a 21 year old musician out of Lakeland, Florida who creates many different styles of music, one of those styles being chiptunes, which I am focusing on today. Chiptune is a type of music where a musician uses the sound chip (or emulates the soundchip) from an old game console to recreate original compositions. Epidemic is one such album, experimenting with chiptune music and various sound effects to recreate a zombie apocalypse, well at least if that apocalypse were in 2D.

The album combines The War of The Worlds radio drama, with Zombies Ate My Neighbors, classic George Romero zombie films, and of course amazing musicianship. The album kicks off with a news report (voiced by another chiptune musician, glomag) announcing the initial situation at hand. The first song, Twilight Invasion kicks things off as the soundtrack to the initial waves of attacks. The album proceeds in such a fashion, taking you through the fights, attacks, infections, and rescues taking place among the chaos. The album also does a great job of creating a building fear and tension as it progresses through the ten tracks, not to mention how the whole ordeal ends.

It is definitely an album worth checking out, and it is not even much of a hassle to do so, since it is available as a free download from


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