It is out, it really is

So I just recently blogged about Brazilian group 8 Bit Instrumental for my first article at The Start Screen. Hit this link to read it! Also leave some comments to show people dig the VGIM news!

I have given a bit of thought to my next article. It is going to be an album spotlight, I won’t say who yet but a hint is that it is a spectacular album that I reviewed on GM4A and came out last year and still listen to it to this day. I can’t wait to get some more attention given to it!

Also a reminder for folks to grab that mixtape! LINK HERE. And if you do grab it, be sure to check out the artists, add them on myspace/facebook/twitter and leave some feedback in the blogpost for the album!

I am still ahead with all the posts I have written so no worries there. Have to sort some things out with the Frank and Sons guys I chill with on Saturdays to promote VGIM, and I am optimistic about that avenue for GM4A. I think I will have to explain “Frank and Sons” and what it is about and how I fit in with the scheme there in a future blog. but for now i will say basically Frank and Sons is a big ass collectible swap meet warehouse thing. Here’s a link.

Oh oh oh, before I forget. Big ups to theramaniscence / sgtrama for doing all the awesome posting of my GM4A articles on ThaSauce. It is honestly a huge honor for me! ThaSauce was one of the first sites I heard of after OCReMix when I was first getting into video game inspired music. I consider it a huge and influential site with a ton of quality stuff going on there (still an insane huge fan of the SML2 album that came out of there by the way)! For my writing to be considered newsworthy there is just insane. So yeah, not sure if you read this side blog of mine but huge thanks to you man! I will bug you on AIM some time and thank you in person (so far you are always on away status though).


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