Done and not done

So I just finished sorting out everything for the mixtape. I hope folks are going to like it, I know I really dig the songs on it! Got the finalized artwork in, uploaded everything to my server, added some liner notes and things are looking good for the release! Should mention here as well that Z. mentioned the mixtapes so thanks to him on that for building up a little bit of buzz before the release! He also mentioned my Gaijin Games interview, of which I am very proud of, and still recommend everyone give a read.

Sadly the “not done” part refers to me not getting any work done on the start screen article I am working on. I have the introduction done and then some, but haven’t written the meat of the post yet. Luckily that is the easiest part to write as it has the most substance. I think I should be wrapping it up Saturday morning to have it in sometime that night or Sunday. Just waiting on an email from some folks and then need to hope I catch Miz_Calamity online so I can bug her about a few questions I have.

Oh, and finally, I made 2 cents off of Project Wonderful, I know that is a laughable amount but for only having the adspace up for a few days I think that is good, hopefully it starts a trend of demand for ad space on my site. I am optimistic about that. This also reminds me that I need to bug Marcos of VGTOreviews to hook me up with that gif making program. YOU HEAR ME MARCOS! ARE YOU READING THIS!?

Also, I am still working on the idea for the GM4A packages, probably whatever I can stuff in an envelope. So a button, stickers, bubblegum? I don’t know, probably just a button and stickers will do. But how many stickers, which kind, how much to charge, how much does it cost to mail, etc. These are the things I have to sort out first. Will definitely give it some thought over the weekend.


One response to “Done and not done”

  1. Marcos G says :

    Sweet Sardines Batman, I read you loud and clear. Shoot me a message on AIM and I’ll let you know what I found so far. It’s not what I used in the past, but this gif maker is a freeware and it is as basic as it gets.Ahh, and your package should come with chocolate bars in the shape of your head. You’ll be eating Anthony every time you receive a delicious GM4A package. Sweet deal(no puns intended). 😉

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