Man oh man oh man

So like I quickly mentioned in the last post, GM4A has had the best month ever since it’s inception, and there are three days left to this month, so I am thinking we will get to a good amount more people before the month is out! Once it’s February I will post the final numbers for January here for posterity.

I also got called by my registrar service today about renewing “” and was originally going to go for the 2 year renewal like I did last time, but said what the hell and went three years, that’s how I show my commitment!

Anyway I should probably be working on my blog for The Start Screen and also figuring out how to create a page for my mixtapes that will be coming out soon. I want to set it up in a way that it can be constantly updated with new mixtapes each month. I am debating between having maybe a seperate blog for the mixtapes (very unlikely, but it is an idea), just using the regular blog for the mixtapes (likely plan), or setting up a webpage with my meager skills as with the other albums (possible). I am leaning towards just using the blog, then if people find the comp they might stick around and peruse the site more. Yeah, thinking about it more that seems like the route I will be taking. It is settled! You saw it happen. =]

Well still waiting on the artwork for the mixtape and hope to get it out soon. Already got two awesome artists on board for the next mixtape too, and waiting on the other three with fingers crossed.

Oh, also started using Project Wonderful ads on the website now, I am hoping they work better than the crappy google adsense ones that netted me a couple cents a month if I was lucky. If you don’t know what Project Wonderful is, then check it out! It seems like a really cool idea right now, but check back with me in a few weeks and see if I have become disenfranchised with it. If it works out well I will try to expand it to LvN and recommend it to a few of my bloggers in arms.

Oh yeah, one more thing I have to start sorting out is getting things together to start selling a little GM4A package to raise money for the website. I think I will include some stickers, a GM4A button, and hmm, what else would people want that I can toss in there. I guess I will think about it, but I am going to figure out how best to sort that out and promote it soon. Hopefully folks will be interested in donating for something like that. Time will tell of course. Well that is the end of me tonight. Time to work on that Start Screen article.

Oh actually that reminds me, I am in need of a name for my Start Screen article, right now I am thinking SOUND TEST sounds pretty bad ass and relevant all at once. It seems like a pretty simple name to come up with though so I am worried someone may have come up with it already, if you have seen an article named that abouts the blogosphere let me know! Also let me know if you actually like the name, or throw out your suggestions for a name for a blog about “video game inspired music”! Well you are at it let me know what you think of that GM4A package idea, and if you have any thoughts on that as well. Thanks!

[EDIT] Alright nevermind. Did a quick blog search and found about 500 billion sites using “sound test” for their video game music articles. Anyone got something more original but just as awesome?

[EDIT 2] I am thinking of using the title “Hey! Listen!” with a picture of navi for the article. What say you on that one?


2 responses to “Man oh man oh man”

  1. Z. says :

    “Hey! Listen!” FTW! I love that idea, Ant.

  2. Marcos G says :

    Yeah man, that works out fine. Love that quote, it is the best.

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