A New Year Means New Projects!

Ah, excitement as always. See that artwork there? Pretty ace in my opinion. I’m sure it caught your attention, which is of course the goal. It is the in progress artwork for that upcoming mixtape i mentioned in passing in the last blog.

I only mentioned it in passing because it neither had a name nor artwork until today. now it has both and I can’t wait to release it! I hope to find a new artist and release one every month if possible. I think having a steady stream of releases is the best way to keep things active for downloads.

The main reason for the mixtapes though are to consistently expose people to new art and new music. I have had trouble promoting bands when they do not have an album release of some sort, since it is difficult to make an entire blog post for one or two songs that are on a bands myspace or something, so using the mixtapes I can have one song from the band released on the EP and be able to give them some attention and direct people to that band. I also plan on showcasing a new up and coming artist on each album, because I am tired of musicians having lame, or worse, no album art. I think there are a ton of awesome artists who love video games and VGIM who could use the exposure of doing a persons artwork, so I hope to tell people about these artists and get them that exposure.

The aim is to get one of these out every month, and if I can do that for every month this year I think I can count it as a victory for me and the website. That would be 12×5 bands/musicians getting exposure plus 12 artists. Not bad at all I think. Anyway the first one will be coming out hopefully before February, and I am already talking to some bands about being on the next one, so I think I am a bit ahead of the curve.

This is just another aspect of GM4A I am very proud of and hope it gets the desired effect for all the bands and artists involved. I was not kidding when I said this year was going to be the biggest yet for GM4A, this is just one new aspect of the site I had in the works. I still have a ton of other plans, and all to promote VIDEO GAME INSPIRED MUSIC ah yeah.

Oh also want to mention that I know GM4A is doing great, but I just had that nagging feeling that it could be doing even better if I buckle down more and focus. I will talk about that in depth in my next blog I think.


3 responses to “A New Year Means New Projects!”

  1. Marcos G says :

    The color added to that picture is really nice, it greatly reminds me of that Vocoloid anime girl I see from time to time. I’ll be looking forward to listening to the undiscovered talents that may lie dormant in your mixtapes. 🙂

  2. ikilledacat says :

    you said the piece had an artist and a name, but I don’t think you identified them, so who is the artist and what’s the piece called? I’m digging it.

  3. Anthony says :

    Should have mentioned that, whoops. artwork by Sasha Palaciohttp://www.sashapalacio.com/gallery

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