Jetpacks show at The Warpzone wrap up

So Saturday night IllGill held another show at his apartment AKA The Warpzone. It included him, as well as other pal/fresh emcee Nameless. Also two other cool folks by the names of Tenacity and Scimon. We went just on a last minute whim thanks to Rhymetorrents forum friend Rich. We arrived at about 10pm or so it was just IllGill, Scimon and another person or two there. Gill convinced me to do a Mario 3 speedrun on SNES, which I have never done before but I caught on to the timing pretty quick and finished in around 15-20 minutes. Then the show, it was a good time and everyone rocked it pretty hard to the folks that were there. Tenacity was cool, but a little too conspiracy laden for my skeptical tastes, but his flows were clear and clean, and seems like he should definitely do well for himself. Next up was Scimon, who also brought it quite well, and turns out he is a pretty big nerd himself as we learned from our after show chats.

Nameless closed the show and did songs from his new EP, I was of course hoping for Castle in the Sky but oh well, he said he would probably bust it out live in the future though which was awesome. After his set everyone just chilled out for a good bit until it was decided we should let Gil get some sleep. After that Nameless, Rich, my buddy Stephen who also tagged along for the show and I all hopped in Nameless’ car and headed down to a Denny’s which was nestled in some ridiculous wild western motif plaza. Which of course led me to make endless jokes about being stuck in the past and trying to save/stop Lincoln based on just what year we were in.

It was definitely an awesome time. Also got a tad of business done, talked to Nameless about the track he is doing with BeethovenBoy, which definitely sounds awesome. Also may be trying to set up some free shows at the Barcade in Los Angeles sometime in the near future. It is a divebar/arcade place that I have heard mixed reviews of but if they let us do free shows there who cares!

Also gil showed me an AWESOME beat using the Counter Attack track from Shadow of the Colossus. I love the music from that game so much and seriously hope he does something with that beat. I also caught wind of him possibly doing a Metroid beat for Nameless, something I also totally endorse! Another matter of business I spoke to IllGill about was if he would want to do a couple beats for a top secret compilation I am putting together. Well it is not that top secret, but it is still under wraps because I want it to come off really well.


4 responses to “Jetpacks show at The Warpzone wrap up”

  1. ikilledacat says :

    man, I was laughing during this blog…”trying to save/stop Lincoln”, that Gower Gulch place was trippy (the neon HIV TESTING sign didn’t help). It was def a great night, and your boy Nameless rocked the spot. It was a nerd party for sure.

  2. Marcos G says :

    Definitely let me know if he does do a beat with anything from Shadow of The Colossus. 🙂 Loved the music from that masterpiece.

  3. Anthony says :

    @ikilledacat, yeah, definitely good times, glad you enjoyed the blog!@Marcos Don’t Worry I will badger him non stop for anything with SotC!also, why am I getting more comments on here than GM4A?!

  4. Marcos G says :

    Who knows, keep up the good work. 😉

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